Hello, Allergy Season!

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Hello, Allergy Season!

Winter is long gone and Spring is now in full effect! It is safe to say that most kids get excited about the warm temperatures and sunshine, but for us parents, it’s more worrying about the constant sniffles and watery eyes that often come with springtime allergies. Hello, allergy season!

Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about nature. Throughout the Spring, plants and trees will be releasing pollen into the air. While this natural flowering process is what gives rise to all the beautiful vegetation that makes spring such a beautiful, happy time, it can also be quite miserable for kids with allergies, and the parents who love them.

Here are some simple tips to help you keep the effects of allergies and asthma at bay this allergy season:

  1. Minimize outdoor activities early in the morning between 5-10 a.m. This is when pollen is most prevalent!
  2. Do not leave bedding or clothing outside hanging to dry. You will simply collect pollen from outside and bring it right into your bedrooms. Not a great idea!
  3. Keep your car windows closed as much as possible while driving. These will prevent flying allergens from entering into a closed space and circulating. There is nothing worse than an allergy attack in the car.
  4. Always make sure your kids wash their hands and faces before AND after playing outside. They should also always shower before bedtime to prevent pollen and other allergens from interfering with their sleep. This one is very important.
  5. Use hypoallergenic pillows, cleaners, and other household items as much as possible. Stay away from feather pillows!
  6. Use Himasal Natural Nasal Saline Solution daily.
  7. Always make sure give your kids the proper allergy medications as prescribed. Pay attention to the dosage, try to use always single-use vial or pre-measured vials to avoid overdose or errors on dosification.

While allergies and asthma can’t be cured (at least not yet), natural treatments and modern medications are getting better all the time, so stay positive!

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